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La Marmotte 2012
La Marmotte 2012
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. A liking for mountains and cycling. How hard can it be to do a days cycling in the Alps when you've got 8 months to train? So, signed up for La Marmotte 2012. Then I started googling to see what was actually involved... oops

Campagnolo Spoken Here

Scunnerby ScunnerApr 19th 2012
To my shame, and disgust of a close friend I might add, my Bianchi has been afflicted with a Shimano Triple groupset for far too long to justify. So, decision made. Ditch the triple, go compact for the Alps... and right that wrong... any Bianchi deserves Campag. I purchased my new Campag Centaur gruppo (with the nice carbon bits) several months back but chose to wait for the worse of the winter to pass before swapping over.

So today, off to my local bike shop went my box of shiny campag bits and my stripped down bike. Can't wait to get it back... it will get me up hills quicker and easier... sure it will?
BikeBlogsby member: BikeBlogs, May 9th 2012 22:58
Will be fantastic, no better place to cycle than the mountains!
Scunnerby blog author: Scunner, May 25th 2012 14:16
Thanks for comment... yeh looking forward to it but with a degree of apprehension!
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