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La Marmotte 2012
La Marmotte 2012
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. A liking for mountains and cycling. How hard can it be to do a days cycling in the Alps when you've got 8 months to train? So, signed up for La Marmotte 2012. Then I started googling to see what was actually involved... oops

Overtraining and the immune system

Scunnerby ScunnerMay 2nd 2012
Got my bike back with new gruppo on. Looking good. Excited... yes. Eager to get out on first ride... no. Been completely floored with a chest infection for a week. Energy levels very low. I've read all about overtraining and the impact on the immune system but, seriously, I cannot possibly have done enough to overtrain. Or is it all relative? If you push too hard instead of steady improvements. Perhaps my first ton of the year took more out of me than I realised?

Anyway, a new feeling for me. Not the chest infection. The feeling of frustration of not being able to get out and ride. What about my fitness? Will I loose any being off the bike for 7 to 10 days? Can I afford this gap in my training? I've decided this slight panic is actually a good sign. Might even be the first signs of an actual cyclist emerging! Roll on La Marmotte...
cyclistsarahby member: cyclistsarah, Jun 10th 2012 15:53
Hey Scunner, read your post and really felt for you are you fully recovered now? I've just been ill with the shingles so I can totally emphasise. Just got back to training today and then had to have an hours sleep afterwards, aahhhh frustrating. Anyway hope you're back to full fitness. Really enjoy your blog by the way!
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