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La Marmotte 2012
La Marmotte 2012
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. A liking for mountains and cycling. How hard can it be to do a days cycling in the Alps when you've got 8 months to train? So, signed up for La Marmotte 2012. Then I started googling to see what was actually involved... oops

Scottish Bike Sportive 15th April

Scunnerby ScunnerApr 16th 2012
It's April and I reckon I'm ready for my first ton. For me this is a big deal in terms of my training. My only ton to date was the Glasgow 100 last August so this would at least confirm I'm making progress. Fast enough progress for La Marmotte? Only time will tell on that one.

First of all, congratulations to the Scottish Bike Show. This sportive was a great success in it's inaugural year. Great route with stunning scenery highlighting what is truly great about Scotland. Numerous Lochs, snow-capped mountains and even a snack van selling hamburgers to the less discerning cyclist. I wonder if those two guys munching away actually finished? Those who resisted the aroma of the snack van were rewarded with well stocked feed stations which even included energy gels. Few of these stuffed into the jersey pocket seemed to take the sting out of the entry fee, for us Scots anyway!

In terms of my own ride, I finished in 6:48 and that includes two stops at the feed stations. Good time for me so got to be pleased with that at this stage. Finished strong as well so perhaps the endurance training over the winter has actually done some good... who knows? I think the route included about 1700 metres climbing. So, in real terms I've still got a long way to go to meet demands of 5000 metres! 3 months to go....
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