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The Skinny Cyclist
After a huge variety of results over the last five years, it's time to get more serious and focused. I no longer have the time to do 17hr training weeks, as I've found that some things that are far more important in life.

I still want to be competative, and miss the days when I was fit and niggle-free. I'm determined to make the best use of my training time available, and on hear as well as being a place for me to record my training & results I want to offer my thoughts on making best use of training time.

First field Power test - base level

audiolessonoverby audiolessonoverOct 1st 2010
First field Power test - base level
I thought I'd do a power test to establish a base level, and also give some idea of my progress when I start training properly in November.

Drill is from CTS:

10min+ warmup

1min - high cadence int
1min - easy spin
2min - high cadence int
1min - easy spin
1min - build over 30s then all-out for 30s
2min - easy spin
1min - build over 30s then all-out for 30s
4min - easy spin

Then 2x 8min intervals, building over 1st min then aiming to give it all for last 7min period. with 10min recovery in between.

1st: Ave power: 247 W
2nd: Ave power: 239 W

I don't know how accurate the kettler is - these values are only really useful for comparative reason. Needless to say I'm very unfit! This currently gives a power/weight ratio of 3.8W/kg (for that period).

I'll retest in a month or so of unstructured training, before I start a 8 week structured high intensity/low volume training plan. Again, credit to the excellent guys at Carmichael's Training Systems for the help.
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