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The Skinny Cyclist
After a huge variety of results over the last five years, it's time to get more serious and focused. I no longer have the time to do 17hr training weeks, as I've found that some things that are far more important in life.

I still want to be competative, and miss the days when I was fit and niggle-free. I'm determined to make the best use of my training time available, and on hear as well as being a place for me to record my training & results I want to offer my thoughts on making best use of training time.


audiolessonoverby audiolessonoverOct 12th 2010
Two interval sessions a week and endurance riding at the weekend - so far so good.

I've bought a couple to start with, and now have the full set of excellent interval training vids from "The Sufferfest". The creator (David) is a legend, he used to do the vids on youtube and now has bought the rights to use UCI racing footage in his videos. Each has a different type of interval workout, but they're all excellent training aids - nothing like pushing yourself against the pro's, nothing like a real attack to get you working properly (ie hard) in these short, intense sessions.

Did "Angels" for the first time today, a session focusing on over/unders then 3x 8min climbing efforts. Very intense workout, had me draped over the bars absolutly spent at the end, barely able to turn the cranks round. I'm excited about the next field test I do, as the last 8min of this workout was performed at an average of 260W... compared to a max of 247W over 8min when I did the test properly last time. Ok maybe I've got used to the effort needed/kit since then, still I can't wait for the results of the next field test in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to these vids, the kettler, and more focused workouts - I've nearly beaten in four weeks the total time I spent on either of the old turbo's over the last two years. With winter coming in, and with more riding going to be spent inside - so far this is a "fun" and motivating way to train and I certainly can't complain about that.
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